2200cc Bosch Short Injector

2200cc Raceworks Bosch Short Injector INJ-139

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Specifications Part Number
Unmodified Bosch
Size: 2200cc (209Lb/hr) @ 3bar, Impedance: High (8.8Ohms), Plug: Denso, Top O-Ring: 14mm.
Spray Pattern: Wide Cone
Spray Direction: Straight

This injector is a Bosch CNG Injector (Compressed Natural Gas), and is not designed for use with liquid fuels. While it is commonly used with Unleaded/E85 without issues, no warranty will be honoured for any injectors that have had liquid fuels through them.

Injector Deadtime Chart

deadtime chart INJ-139



Normally Aspirated Gasoline 380HP 280KW
Forced Inducted Low Boost Gasoline 315HP 235KW
Forced Inducted High Boost Gasoline 340HP 250KW
Normally Aspirated E85 275HP 210KW
Forced Inducted Low Boost E85 225HP 170KW
Forced Inducted High Boost E85 240HP 180KW