255 LPH Raceworks Fuel Pump

255LPH In-tank Pump (Inline) - Efp-504

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255LPH @ 3bar (12V). For flow details at and current draw 13.5V please consult chart below. Inlet & Outlet Are Inline (GSS342 Equivalent) 39mm Pump Diameter. Internal Check Valve. Includes 90deg Strainer as pictured. 45deg Strainer also available. Part number is FPS-051.


Upgraded wiring recommended for this pump.



Pump Chart

Pump Chart EFP-504


Download Pump Charts Flow and Amps PDF



Normally Aspirated Gasoline 800HP 595KW
Forced Inducted Low Boost Gasoline 595HP 445KW
Forced Inducted High Boost Gasoline 545HP 405KW